Modular Greenhouse Plans

The Modular multi-level Greenhouse was designed to provide an inexpensive, easy-to-build and above all, flexible growing system that can be adapted to widely varied yard arrangements and climate conditions. The wedge-shaped modules are quick to construct and the resulting triangular shape is a very rigid structure. Vertical space inside the Greenhouse allows growing on four levels with a small square footage of yard space, and the built-in growing boxes can be included inside the protected structure, or left outside to gain the best growing advantage for you particular plants and climate. The 4’x5’ modules can be arranged to fit your own particular needs: aligned along one wall of a house or fence, grouped in pairs, threes, or in the four module set-up pictured in the plans.
The Modular Greenhouse is one of our favorite projects. It's not as exciting as the Vector or as classically elegant as the Vacationer or Weekender, but it's a great greenhouse and a fun, easy project! The modular design helps it fit all sorts of spaces, able to be configured in rectangular and L-shaped arrangements, and it can "grow" to suit your needs (sorry; we couldn't resist that!)

Modern greenhouse accessories add a tremendous utility to this basic design, and this Modular Greenhouse can be a great starting point to create a wonderful space for your plants.